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Identification of the era of the Ming and Qing Furniture
Published:2009-08-03 Visitors:5702
     Identification of the Ming and Qing era furniture, the most important element is to determine the age. At present, we must accurately identify the absolute time of the Ming and Qing furniture-making are still encountering difficulties, but the overall style, timber, species, form, components, and patterns and other aspects of law-making a comprehensive study, identify the relative age is still possible.
     Ming and Qing furniture timber, there were distinctive features of the times. Therefore, the identification of wood furniture to identify the age must first pay attention to. The Ming and Qing furniture handed down, there is a lot of red sandalwood, pear, and other production ferrea. The wood in the Qing Dynasty, however, increasingly scarce since the mid-to become a rare Jane material. Therefore, any use made of these four kinds of hardwood but do not see traces of restructuring. Furniture, most of them are handed down long-Ming (including the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty) Furniture originals. Although such a luxury home
     There are also a modern imitation, after all, due to a rare and expensive materials, very few. Handed down today maintained hardwood furniture, there are many of them are the use of mahogany, the new pear production. Because these types of hardwoods, is a red sandalwood, pear wood and other precious increasingly rare, the case has been widely used below, so make use of these pseudo-wood furniture, mostly since the mid-Qing Dynasty until the Qing dynasty and the Republic of China products. If using wood, the new pear to do the Ming-style furniture, for its age and form the material does not correspond to the age, most modern imitations. It is noteworthy that a large number of the beech wood furniture handed down, can not be material to determine the kinds of age. In the Ming and Qing dynasties because it has been widely used to make furniture, and more are also in the form to maintain consistency. The mid-Qing Dynasty as well as many more nights of beech wood, has followed the Ming Dynasty tactics. Therefore, beech furniture, dating, should rely more on other aspects of the identification.

     A subsidiary of the Ming and Qing furniture, timber, to a certain extent, reflect the age of furniture making. If used on furniture, marble stone with rocks rocks and wide somewhat similar, but the former mining use, than the latter two is early. In addition, the copper-nickel alloy ornaments are generally earlier than the brass ornaments. Where first wife of the copper-nickel alloy ornaments, shapes of the ancient, and Embroidery mottled nature of the furniture, which produced some years earlier.

     Ming and Qing furniture, variety, often associated with age are closely related. Some of the earlier varieties of furniture there, often after no longer popular in the Qing Dynasty. So, apart from a handful of future generations interested in imitation, the era of its production should not be later than the era of their popularity. There are also some varieties of furniture, there's time later, objects themselves, are a good indication of their age. Such as the round back top spot after Ching had been unpopular, from the
Handed down from point of view, multi-purpose pear production, with little pear wood or new products, its shape and carving style earlier. It is handed round back top spot, the basic are the Ming style furniture. Another example table itself to adapt to the Qing Dynasty furniture layout methods produced varieties. It is from the Ming dynasty a few rectangular incense evolved a large number of kind of handed down, mostly mahogany, new pear products, not any earlier era. Clearly, the table is a clear style furniture.

     Furniture form an important basis for dating. Many of the era of the Ming and Qing furniture, sooner or later, can be judged from the change in form. Such as the pier in the form of sitting, that is gone from a squat to a thin process of change. Where has the ride characteristics of the former pier, dating from as early as generally both body fat, thin two kinds. They are mostly Cantonese-style furniture, after the Qing Zhongqi, Suzhou and furniture, also of imitation. In the armchair, the back and arm on three sides where the side is flat, and its production of most of the earlier era. From Arhat bed bed curtain changes in the form of point of view, three independent hoarding Lohan beds, save box loaded than the three sub-panels of early Wai; Wai sub-size dwarf, and earlier than the size of high; curtain formed by the three more than 5 or 7 to be formed early. Where a sub-form of the earlier Wai Lohan bed, its law-making is also an early bed. On the contrary, then later. For the lattice frame, the difference is that it Ming Qing style, mainly depends on its cross on the latter. But there are also a four-foot handle was wishful common Qing-style sit-shaped pier plate is a long one-pass, or have been enacted to walls. As for the frame grid is divided into a number of high and low size of the lattice grid of multi-Po, far from Ming style. It is the period of the Qing Dynasty became popular forms.

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