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The Ming and Qing Furniture Price Analysis
Published:2009-08-03 Visitors:5936
decorating a new room put curves of smooth, simple and generous Ming-style furniture, or a heavy sublimation, magnificent Qing style furniture, so that pear, and red sandalwood incense and the fragrance filled the room, will be classical and modern skillfully together to produce a kind of eternal beauty, is a very pleasant thing.

Furniture collection as an investment behavior, influenced by the economic levers, the so-called "scarcity value." As the favorite classical furniture, more and more people, while the number of classical furniture and is very limited in recent years along with the continuous outflow of Chinese traditional furniture, classical furniture, crazy high prices. Four or five years ago, the price of a mahogany square table is about 4,000 yuan, and now sell for around 10,000 yuan. Take two mahogany chair, the market price of the early 90s in the 2000-3000 yuan, between the Pacific Ocean in the autumn of 1998 at auction, a 68 centimeters × 50 Li Mi × 103 cm red wooden chair were photographed 1.4 million to only fall of the hammer. Currently on the market prices of a number of small pieces of artifacts are also quite a lot of money, such as the Qing

(Figure 1) late Pastel core mahogany table plaque porcelain figures (42 cm × 73.5 cm) The transaction price is 2.31 million; while the other parts of the system of Qing Zhongqi Redwood file box (40 cm × 28 cm × 44 cm) transaction price reach 1.1 million yuan. As for styling, craftsmanship are well-Ming Huanghuali armchair roughly the price of the current positioning between 130000-150000 yuan. Survive in the world today of the Ming and Qing furniture, some larger, wood quality, industrial Miki clever, crafted exquisite
Variety of furniture, such as shelf bed, couch, seat, multi-Po cell, etc. can be sold at higher prices. The early Qing, such as a mahogany shelf bed (222 centimeters × 155 Limi × 240 cm) were sold in 1999 reached 385,000 yuan. Another 86 centimeters × 41 Li Mi × 175 cm red sandalwood sculpture spend more lattice Bao high prices to sell 290 thousand yuan. The same as the square table, not the same because of their age, their prices there are considerable differences. Such as the autumn of 1999 an auction, a transaction price of the Ming Dynasty pear square table 33 million, while the other pieces of mahogany square table in the Qing Dynasty the transaction price of 160,000 yuan. In comparison, the price of the Ming Dynasty square table square table actually higher than in the Qing Dynasty more than doubled. I know, the highest auction price for a Qing Zhongqi of red sandalwood furniture inlay Bi table plaque, in 1998, a Beijing art auction to sell the 616,000 yuan. Industry sources said that if such a table plaque at least in the international market of 30 million U.S. dollars.

Furniture prices are generally by the artistic, craft-oriented, age, integrity, wood and rare nature of such decisions. It was different according to differences in wood furniture, antique furniture, materials prices queuing, according to the price level is ranked as the black, yellow, red, white four kinds, black and red sandalwood, yellow or pear, red or mahogany (Southerners also known as acid sticks of wood), white or other material of wood. In other words, red sandalwood wood furniture in contemporary, with varieties

selling price of the furniture in the highest, followed by pear furniture, mahogany furniture, again, finally, compared with other materials of the furniture. The first three are hardwood furniture, furniture, in traditional Chinese society, well-off large rooms and the use of affordable furniture. The latter are mostly furniture, beech, elm, cedar, walnut and other materials made in the ordinary people at home can often be seen. In recent years, due to decreasing hardwood furniture, so some hardwood furniture, exquisite workmanship prices go up. As in 1998 at a Beijing art auction, a Ming-style beech big Alice sold the first case, a 19.8 thousand yuan
(Figure 1)
, another production of the Qing dynasty elm great Arhat bed black lacquer sold 3.08 million, evident of these hardwood furniture price high.

Currently more popular in the South furniture is square table, long narrow table, straight-backed chair and other furniture, hall, auditorium furniture, the price of this kind than other varieties of furniture. Popular in Beijing is a small, elegant, furnishings and strong furniture, flowery Taiwan, flowers several, bookcases, word sets, beauty couch, etc. Of course, these are not absolute. Some of the latest letter to the old furniture prices are dizzyingly high. I recently in Beijing, a business classic furniture store to see an inlay inlaid marble inlaid with mother-of new to do mahogany armchair (including a small foot pedal), the owner actually asking price 10,000 yuan, while the owner claimed that this is still relatively low prices. Now, in some second-hand furniture markets, such as Beijing Huang Cheng Gen Flea Market, Chaoyang District, an old wooden market, Panjiayuan Flea Market, Shanghai, Tibet, South Road antiques market, you can buy antique furniture, it was estimated before, Classical furniture The annual appreciation rate of about 20 or so shows that the classical furniture collection is indeed a great appreciation potential. In my opinion, collecting antique furniture is a promising investment behavior of hedge against inflation.

With the old market, the further liberalization of trade in the future there will be more people to join the ranks of collectors traditional furniture, traditional furniture will gradually enter the homes of ordinary people.


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