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Ming and Qing furniture, maintenance, collection, restoration
Published:2009-08-03 Visitors:5846

Ming and Qing dynasties all kinds, antique hardwood furniture, is in ancient China a tremendous material wealth, especially as a model for national style of Chinese furniture and representatives of the Ming-style furniture, Ming and Qing dynasties is the pearl in the treasure house of arts and crafts, excellent material and cultural heritage of our country. However, it is a pity, since the invasion of China after the Opium War and the Boxer Rebellion, with the semi-colonial and imperialist invasion of China, a large number of fine Ming and Qing furniture, along with other Chinese cultural relics lost overseas. 18 centuries ago, many of the Ming and Qing dynasties furniture and, after transported to Paris, France, after repair, finishing, restored, and then through the hands of antique dealers, collectors around the world, high flows and national museums. "Wen

(Figure 1)

of Revolution, "has so little of the Ming and Qing furniture, stored as a" seal, financing, repair ", and was catastrophe. Many of the Ming and Qing furniture, fine as the" four olds "has been destroyed, dismantled and burned, it is distressed. into the 80’s, a number of illegal trafficking in antiquities, vigorously and bought the Ming and Qing hardwood furniture, large cities, small town, as well as backwater, everywhere have their shadows, a large number of valuable hardwood furniture by their low bought, including the precious, and in China has almost disappeared from the brink of red sandalwood furniture. a large number of hardwood furniture is dismantled, loaded onto abroad, many carved straight-backed chair, coil breaks, bar a few, flower racks, grid and other hardwood furniture swing Babao of foreigners into the hall became a symbol of their wealth and status. At present, antiques market, occasionally can be seen a number of Ming and Qing furniture, but the official suitcase, toiletry boxes and other small pieces of artifacts as more large pieces, such as desk case, cabinets, etc. in the auction market has also seen a slight, but not cheap. Faced with this situation, hobbies, traditional Chinese furniture collectors, but also can be purchased in a modern production of traditional-style hardwood furniture, they are both can be used as utensils, has a certain artistic value and cultural taste, for decades, a century later, not also a good collection do?

Ming and Qing furniture restoration, Ming and Qing classical furniture are among the tenon joint structure, solid wood furniture, outside furniture, painted for the decoration and maintenance. Thus the performance of wood and paint determines the maintenance requirements of classical furniture. Suitable for indoor environmental conditions: temperature 5-25 ℃, temperature of 55-75 ℃. Under these conditions, the furniture is not easy deformation. Such as closed-end furniture, bins should be placed within the appropriate amount of solid moth agent, to prevent pests decay. Do not put furniture, the location of direct sunlight, place too long, the film under the sun in the effects of ultraviolet light fade till off. Items should be placed on furniture cushion layer of soft film, perpendicular to the direction of light-light, so as not to undermine the film. If there is paint damage should be timely sliding collision damage repair by professionals. Furniture should be nailed to the foot pad to prevent damage to moving back and forth. Furniture cleaning cloth should be clean, soft, suitable temperature, furniture, or the watermark can not leave drops. Furniture should be regular maintenance, under normal circumstances, every quarter, hit a wax, for maintenance of film. Furniture for a long time, you can find professionals to repair the paint film so that the material structure of the furniture really has protective effects .

1. Appearance should be bright and clean, smooth and delicate and often dusting, polishing, keep furniture clean.

2. Mahogany furniture, water rates in the 14-18 degrees. By drying the wood after treatment, good stability, expansion and contraction is generally 1% humidity on wood furniture, a great influence on the conditions must be kept well in dry climates indoors to maintain a certain humidity; the rainy season to open the window ventilation. In the air-conditioned room, the temperature must be maintained at 15-25 degrees.

3. Moving should be handled with care, use, bogey sharp hard object impact, if dust, grease, available duster, clean soft cotton cloth rubbing

4. Should be avoided near the heat source, power, water, should avoid direct sunlight, ventilation should be placed in a cool place.

5. Case of air-dry or air-conditioned room can hold an appropriate bonsai, fish tank, adjustable air relative humidity.

6. Disable the surface of furniture gasoline, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents clean.

repair antique furniture should strictly follow the "as is repair" and "repair the old as" principle, should be familiar with the era of furniture repair, background, try to ensure that the use of the original materials, according to the original size of the repair, to restore genuine purpose. Its formal characteristics, production practices, construction features and materials, textures and so on, are not at liberty to Chaigai, addition and subtraction, we must maintain the original look and integrity of the original. Nails should not be used in the repair and chemical adhesives, to prevent the destruction of ancient furniture, easy-to-overhaul of the traditional features. An old furniture, especially the precious Ming and Qing furniture, from entry into the factory to complete the repair, to dozens of working procedure and a strict quality inspection. Although different plant repair procedures will vary, but the general, usually have to go through the following processes: receiving the necessary processing of repair parts antique furniture, the production scheduling department first stripping (except for Paul the old parts), cleaning, Then according to the degree of furniture intact, the preparation of restoration plans, developing technical standards to achieve restoration and fill process flow sheet, and the workpiece together with the transfer of a carpentry workshop. The workpiece in the carpentry workshop, under the general has to go through materials, processing, assembling three programs. Work out the plant before processing techniques according to the requirements of inspection, after passing into the scraping grinding shop. The workpiece in the grinding workshop after shaving shaving light, filled, coarse grinding and fine grinding (or water mill), etc. After the process, qualified into the paint shop. Within the workpiece in the paint shop (except for hardwood furniture) After coloring, rub paint, sanding, wiping varnish, drying, assembly of copper pieces, rub wax process, inspection and after passing into the sculpture workshop. Sculpture workshop are generally installed with flowers, carving, grinding three processes. Work through this process become finished products 3. All of the finished products through rigorous quality inspection department, comprehensive quality inspection, the qualified storage or delivery of the finished product the user.

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