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How to tell the authenticity of the Ming and Qing Furniture
Published:2009-08-03 Visitors:5744

Ming and Qing furniture, Chinese ancient furniture production peak, and the advantages aside from structural delicate and elegant, but also includes a variety of decorative techniques. In the identification of a piece of furniture really the Ming and Qing furniture, its decorative techniques often play an important role to judge. It is understood that the identification method is mainly by looking at the election materials, see line legs, save then look to see sculpture, mosaic and ancillary components such as look at six areas to reflect, that is commonly referred to as "six to see."

clear and beautiful wood grain required Ming and Qing furniture in choosing material, they will usually pay more attention to the texture of wood. Where the texture clear, beautiful, "Miki", was always put in a significant part of furniture, and Changcheng symmetrical shape, it is particularly engaging and Meaningful. "Miki," there is a long rotation with finer texture, "Gall wood", such as Phoebe Gall son, red sandalwood Gall son and so on, are very hard to find the high quality goods, often used as high-end furniture, face-centered material. In addition, the Ming and Qing furniture is also very particular about the use of different materials with the use of wood texture and color contrast, up to a certain decorative effect.

favorite line of geometric foot section Line feet are the most common in Ming and Qing furniture, decoration, mainly imposed on the furniture side of wiping, shizhangzi, leg foot and other parts, through the flat, round face, concave, convex, Yin Xian, Yang Xian combinations between the different proportions to form the ever-changing geometric-shaped cross-section, although simple to achieve a bright but delicate decorative effect.

save then increase the furniture Emptiness America save followed by the Ming and Qing furniture, in addition to line of foot alternative to a common form of decoration. The so-called save Then, there is a short slant with the vertical and horizontal material, through tenon joint connections, made of a variety of geometric patterns, in order to increase the furniture Emptiness America. Then save the use of common methods to avoid too short to stay engraved wood grain caused by rupture of the shortcomings of the Ming and Qing furniture, durability is also the reason why. It is understood that, then save components used for foot face-centered, child dental tables, chairs back, long narrow table baffle, bed curtain, and rack mesh fence and gates and other parts of heart.

(Figure 1)

exquisite sculpture carved Jinxian in the Ming and Qing furniture, decoration occupies an important position, its techniques are incised, embossed, engraved, embossed engraved combination of sculpture in the round variety, of which the most common relief. Sculpture is also very wide range of subjects can be divided into Juan Cao, lotus pattern, moire, Ganoderma lucidum, dragons, hornless dragon patterns, flowers, birds, birds, landscapes, and the personalities and characters auspicious patterns, geometric patterns, natural object-image patterns, and religious patterns and so on 10 multi-class, carved decorative parts, mostly in furniture, dental board, backplane, component ends, etc..

prop up a luxurious mosaic is the Ming and Qing furniture inlaid as a decorative way to use less. Because of the different materials can be divided into wood inlay, inlaid with mother-inlay, ivory inlay and many other names, also have a use jade, stone, horn, agate, amber, and all kinds of wood for inlay of the "100 Po embedded" is even more rare, and only in the luxury high-end furniture was used.

subsidiary of volatile component modeling a subsidiary of the Ming and Qing furniture components, and have a practical function, but also has some decorative significance. Such as the inlay on the stool. Desktop heart and doors, bed Wai furniture angle, face page, hinge, handle, lock, Chuanbi, tag, button top metallurgy and accessories, or have a beautiful natural pattern, or a beautiful color , or through man-made processed form volatile, beautiful shape, showing a rich and colorful decorative effect.


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