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Qing-style furniture, rich folk customs
Published:2009-08-03 Visitors:5512
       As the Qing style furniture, unique style and character of the layout of the home / -012 # 3456 will certainly have to take. Embellishment may be the best placed during the way, for example in the study placed in a beautifully crafted sandalwood Treasure grid, can also be used when the owner of arts and crafts bookcase display cabinets, the entire study at once full of culture and charm; in room The vestibule at placing a clear style of Elm Alice first case, a door can feel the deep love of China; For stairs house, it may be placed in the corner of the stairs a few red sandalwood incense, and topped with exquisite ceramics, if the upper and lower two floors of different decorative style, this incense Ikunori played a key role in nexus.

     In terms of materials selection, the Qing style furniture, respected color depth, texture, sophisticated, delicate texture of precious hardwoods, especially the Qing Zhongqi election materials before the court is more elegant furniture. Qing style furniture, decorative techniques used most often decorative carvings and mosaics.

     And Ming Qing style furniture, art styles. Qing-style furniture, heavy timber, furniture, shape, size, compared with Ming-style leniency. In addition, the Qing style furniture, full use of mosaics, sculpture and painting and other decorative techniques to give people dignity, poise, luxurious feeling, with Ming-style simple, lightweight and sharp contrast.


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