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What is the Ming and Qing style furniture?
Published:2009-08-03 Visitors:6017

Ming-style furniture

Ming furniture is generally known as "Ming-style furniture," and its raw material used mainly in India, Burma and Southeast Asia produced in hard wood, such as red sandalwood, rosewood, iron power wood, Suanzhi Mu and other produce. The heavy wood color, texture and beautiful, and the delicate texture hard to make the furniture simple and impressive, has a unique aesthetic character and practical value.

The main features of Ming-style furniture, wooden construction form is used, emphasizing the shape of furniture, the image lines to form a simple shape, unique physical characteristics, and can demonstrate a crisp, refreshing style. Meanwhile, Ming-style furniture, full of color and texture of the hardwood beauty, not something carved a large area, in order to pay attention to the beautiful lines, without affecting the overall effect of context, only a small localized area of carving, its structure together
science, sleek, and fully reflects the "Ming-style" level of excellence.

(Figure 1)

Qing style furniture

Qing style furniture and Ming-style furniture in the plastic arts on a totally different style. Qing-style furniture features, first of all manifested in the heavy timber on the size of its furniture, large size compared with the Ming Dynasty. Followed by the Qing style furniture, decorated to highlight the use of mosaics, sculpture and painting techniques such as performance, giving a dignified, stable, luxurious feeling, with Ming-style furniture, the simple, lightweight, and beautiful contrast.

Qing style furniture, red sandalwood, rosewood and decorated with a variety of decorating tools and a variety of production forms, forming a unique "Qing-style furniture." Qing-style furniture manufacturing sites are mainly in Beijing, Suzhou and Guangzhou, as the wind around the place also has its own
grid, so they were known as the "Beijing-style", "Soviet-style", "Guang-style."

(Figure 2)


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