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On the literati of Ming furniture temperament
Published:2009-08-05 Visitors:17638
     "Temperament" This refers to the person's physical, psychological, etc., the overall quality of the ancients also still made by the author's strength of character temperament, Poetry and generous style of the Qing-jun. My unspoken style furniture, temperament, Naishi through her technical surface, revealing the meaning Qiyun her, or made by the soul. This is the reason why Ming-style furniture, living in the world's artistic treasures of strength.
When we visit the motherland treasures ---- Ming-style furniture, Jane libraries among the masterpieces made in one piece in front of, watching that simple shape, tall and straight lines, beautiful elegance of the body, and exudes a natural wood texture Pure Ming-style furniture, treasures, the praise arises spontaneously, as if a ray of floating subtle fragrance enchanting, a surge of seductive charm make you linger. it contains a simple and dignified and elegant in; it upright in the saturated and the Qingli Juan Xiu, a force close to attract you, this power is the profound meaning of her Meaningful, Qiyun ----- literary temperament.
     Ming-style furniture literary temperament, Nai Shi Ming-style furniture, the soul of Ming-style furniture was called "Ming", the reason for being attracted to Chinese and foreign experts, research, and became an independent subject of the lies.
      Ming-style furniture, style, shape, she does have a unique social background, geographical conditions and the results of a large group of scholars to participate. I say this is not to deny the wisdom of craftsmen, Ming-style furniture, is inseparable from the achievements of the superb craftsmanship of the Ming Dynasty , Ming-style furniture, the achievements of the literati combination of wisdom and Craftsmanship product is undoubted. but we are at today, Ming-style furniture, aesthetic value, you can not deny its leading factor was not the arts, but her style content, the internal Qiyun, or words temperament.
     Ming-style furniture, the literati temperament, its formation is inseparable from the prevailing social and cultural environment aspects. On the social environment, said the end of first Ming Zhu Yuan Yuan Dynasty Mongolian and landlords armed melee, in 1368 established a unified regime . After taking a series of policies conducive to economic development. agriculture to implement open up the wilderness, Mita, restore agricultural production. in the early Ming Yuan Handicraft slaves freed an innocent person so that they operate independently, the implementation of domestic opponents of industrial craftsmen sitting (from the private collection craftsmen to Beijing for the Royal production, service 10 days per month) and the shift (of various craftsmen come to Beijing every three years, served three months) system, artisans have little freedom of individual business. This was the development of industry, commerce and crafts has played a significant role in promoting. Prosperity of urban economy, overseas trade development (the world famous Zheng He's seven voyages to the West) led a large number of Chinese people all over Southeast Asia Armstrong to make a living. They regard China's silk, porcelain, iron, etc. brought to Southeast Asia, in exchange for the local koc mi, medicinal and timber and so on. The Nanyang wood for the development of Ming-style furniture, also played an important role. After the mid-Ming, handicrafts, commerce is extremely well developed, the original city more prosperous, the rise of the new cities are thriving, in addition to royalty gui QI, the city's wealthiest businessmen who are keen to build private homes and gardens. One can imagine that the furniture industry is bound to take its place along flourish. This is political stability and business, crafts and overseas trade, developed, and it is the formation of Ming-style furniture, style, provide a favorable social conditions.
     Cultural and educational aspects of the Ming Dynasty has also taken a series of new policies, in order to strengthen the rule of the early Ming Dynasty established a new set of school and examination system. The capital-based Imperial College, the local government is located, county school. Scholars through the layers of examination, by the scholar, juren, Gong Shi, until the successful candidates who pass the graduation, said, bringing the official could be appointed as an official. The new examination system, a large number of scholars are keen to promote the "Four Books" "Five Classics", and strive to Godfather to develop their talent, so the Ming Dynasty for a large number of cultural celebrities, especially in Suzhou, the most concentrated, so-called "four-Jie Wu", "Wu 4 child "" Ming 4, "etc., south of Nanjing, Suzhou and other places have become the Ming Dynasty, economic and cultural center of the.
     We are now circulating in the Ming Dynasty scholar Shuzha, Collected Works, and poetry and literature, painting can also be seen that the Ming Dynasty scholar interested in the research and the personal involvement of furniture designer furniture, a lot of people, which is less than the history. Their line of furniture system, size, material, craft, decoration and furniture of the aesthetic standards, etc., have left a large number of written records, more Ming literati, artists design their own furniture and painting those who left posterity. Furniture in the Ming Dynasty scholar writing on the man and his many spans the breadth of the problem, but also with any of a dynasty can not be compared. This is the style of Ming-style furniture, the formation of cultural factors, but also Ming-style furniture, the origin of literary temperament.
     Ming-style furniture literary temperament, discussed the following four aspects:
     1, literati aesthetic taste influence on the furniture
Ming Dynasty, a large number of writers, dramatists, poets, painters, collectors, connoisseurs, and so educated, the forward to a lot of information on the furniture, such as: Cao Zhong author of "grid Koyo theory", Wen Zhen Heng books of "long - material Zhi ", Gao Lian author of" Zun-Sheng, 8letter"Tu Long books of" the test drive I do "and" Tour with Ya-made ", Gu Ying-tai with a" museum to access ", Wang Xin, Si-Yi forward to "Sansai Zue painting," Ge Shan forward to "a few butterflies map" and so on. These works on the furniture, not focus on the study of the size and shape of furniture, they "Lu spot by the" very different footing. Rather, the focus of furniture style and aesthetic. Emphasis on "elegance" to promote and advocate furniture, "old fashioned style." Specifically, is "ancient" and "fine-li" two main criteria.
   "Ancient" is simple respect for the ancient ancestors of the wind, the pursuit of nature's own simple and free China and the United States. Such as "belongings Chi" dealt with square table, said: "shall be taken with extremely large ancient, columns can be ten men to sit for painting and calligraphy show to play." In discussing the couch when you said: "The ancients system for a few couch, although the length of Guang Xia uneven, home of the fasting room, must be quaint lovely. ... ... production of modern people, thereby taking the text carved painted decoration, in order to Yuet vulgar eye, while the old system, all gone, it is really deep sigh. "
     In the furniture timber, the promotion of the natural beauty of wood grain are also not uncommon. Such as "grid Koyo" theory, said: "Rosewood, sex-kin, there are crab claw pattern ... ...." "Rosewood ... ... there are patterns into the landscapes of animals and birds are ... ... ..." "Museum Highlights" in the "fragrant Phoebe, micro-purple and fragrance profiling the United States, gold are coming out Cave, the wood there is gold, the sparkle to the next depending on the lovely Phoebe matter to the United States who, Xiangyang or landscape character of the pattern formed." From the above quotation can be seen at that time, public opinion in the aesthetic demands of the furniture is "primitive," "quaint," "strange ancient", "ancient" system and so on, which is an elegant literary style of the pursuit of a typical example of the ancients . This aesthetic point of view, from the Ming-style furniture, treasures which could be verified to be 11. We look at the existing Ming-style furniture, treasures, whether desk case stool or a box cabinet couch, are prominently manifested in concise form, not for decoration and the decoration, fully demonstrating the natural beauty of the pristine characteristics of wood itself. The formation of these features is promoted with the literati, "primitive," "quaint" and has a direct relationship between aesthetics. It can be said, Ming-style furniture style is concise and simple soak into the aesthetic taste of the Ming Dynasty scholar.
    "Jing Li" is the furniture of excellent workmanship and the beauty of posture, which is on the literati in the Ming Dynasty are also everywhere. "Belongings Chi" said: "The screen of the system, the most ancient, with marble inlay Xia Zuo, fine person is precious." "Bed, to Song and Yuan Dynasties-off pattern of small paint-bed for the first, sub-prefecture of the system is in bed alone, another occasion, a master craftsman wooden authors can also be used to ... ... there are those such as bamboo cedar Zhuo thin, very fine, preferably in the boudoir, and a small vegetarian. "" the palace has embroidered mound, shaped like a snare drum, corner hanging tassels were also Ya can be fine. "These" fine-li "and" refined elegance "of the request, we tall and straight from the Ming-style furniture, fine pieces of beautiful posture, as well as her non-exposed axes of a clumsy tight mortise and tenon structure, can be evident. This "fine-li", it contains the superb craftsmanship of the Ming Dynasty furniture, and the close integration of the literati aesthetic taste. When we appreciate that a thin piece of literary treasures into a muddy and craftsmen, the obvious smell that bursts of unrestrained delicate features and pedantic. The role of the literati aesthetic taste in the Ming-style furniture is no shortage of cases.
     Second, the author's appeal to their preferences impact of the furniture used in the role of
A large number of scholars was the told us that the author's appeal to their preferences and used to promote the variety and shape of furniture and other aspects of development. These writers out of their special love and special functional requirements, design, and pioneered many new clever furniture, rich in variety and form of furniture. Such as:
    "To set Zun Yi's are" in Taiwan a few. ( "Belongings Chi")
    "The book room, a few fragrant." ( "Zun-Sheng, 8 letter")
    "Home smoked furnace, incense together, books" and rely on a few. ( "Zun-Sheng, 8letter")
    "Picturesque on the person," "into the Qing Zhai" vine mound. ( "Zun-Sheng, 8 letter")
    "Column furnace burning incense bottles of flower arrangement set for just appreciate" stacked tables. ( "You compiled with Ya")
In discussing the cupboard, the "belongings Chi", said: "Tibet must bookcase that can accommodate rolls, the more width the more ancient." "... ... To buy a small cabinet bronze jade preferably behaves like a niggard." Use for the couch require more are different in general, "the belongings Chi" said a few couch, "sitting or lying Yiping, no inconvenience Shi, Yan title and young, which is used to show classics, history, reading books, paintings and Ding Yi, Luo Cured nuclear, Shi pillow, He Shi can not" . "Zun-Sheng 8 letter" Lane bamboo rattan compiled by using the "interjection bed" and stressed that do not use too much of the plate, suitable for children would have to carry the bed back home, "such as Zuiwo Yan Yang Guan, and spent the next book lying rewards" . This is what leisure comfort, a style full of elegant society. "I do test drive," where two kinds of wood and Xiang Zhu materials produced couch, "placed a high fasting, and can be used to sleep, dream girls such as Dongting Xiaoxiang the wild." "Zun-Sheng, 8 letter" in the "two should bed" is even more unusual, not only an ingenious dual-purpose winter and summer, and "4 o'clock flowers, people make flowers with, Qingfen Manchuang, lying meaning of the Hale and fast." This is how leisurely. Fuqin master design is more consistent with sound principles of resonance and piano Qintai table. "Belongings Chi", said: "Ancient Cleridae Zhengzhou, Henan Province constructed, brick, there Sheng Fang, and those who like giddiness for the purpose of Qintai, whichever is hollow hair ring ... ... to sit with Hu Chuang, more hands will be movements ... .... "" Grid Koyo "theory" violin desk, desktop Cleridae bricks with the best ... ... Namemi Cleridae turn gray, hollow, like the face, eye-pattern ... .... This brick frame of the piano honestly, there are clear lovely voice Ling Ling. "
     We can thus see that these aristocrats and scholars, for addicted to love of antiques and curios likes of literature, used for furniture, variety, line system, timber, and special features, etc., are all made in-depth research, no wonder! Ming-style furniture is the name of the literary temperament when the evidence-in.
     Third, the literati combination of poetry and painting calligraphy and furniture
Before the Ming Dynasty furniture, appliances, basically just life (when the Shang and Zhou ritual as a symbol of class, except for ceremonial vessels), but until the Ming dynasty furniture with a value at the same time, but also enhances the aesthetic appeal. This situation is not just Ming-style furniture, its own shape, lines, timber, decorative seamless beauty of simple elegance, more writers will be embedded in furniture, painting and calligraphy into a feat. Furniture, carving and contemporary culture celebrity poetry and painting masterpiece, it can be said that in the furniture inside the Jane Jane had. These literati paintings and furniture co-operation to enhance the furniture viewing standards, and enhance the artistic value of the furniture. It can be said, has always "heavy-wen light technology" of the cultural history of the Ming Dynasty have this slightly changes.
Due to historical, scientific and technological level of a variety of reasons, are now able to retain in-kind is lower. However, from literature and private collections can be found some traces in the "Qing Yi Ge Zayong" on the record two pieces of furniture, one is "Teana Club book case" Nai Shi Xiang Yuan Bian's home in Tibetan, the Xiang's two sides printed. Reads: "Teana House book case, two-inch high-Erchi third, one foot nine inch vertical, horizontal two-foot eight-inch six points, Wen wood heart, Lei Muk for the side, second from right print Yue-Xiang, Yue Mo Lin Yamahito, left Yue Xiang Yuan Bian a printed word sub-Beijing. "Bian Yuan Xiang Ming dynasty calligraphy and painting at home, collectors, experts in appreciation. Possession of France painting its title a very short period of time-sheng, His books, "Banana window of nine recorded", published as "Teana Pavilion quote."
     In the "Qing Yi Ge Zayong" also recorded a chair, the original was "the Duke of Zhou Xia Desks, Rosewood, three feet two-inch-high, vertical foot three inches, horizontal foot five-inch eight, Forest Board Juan: nothing in this sit-ins, such as on the 2nd day, if live the seventies, is the hundred forty. Boshin winter Zhou ball book. India 2, one reads the Duke of Zhou's leisure, one reads only the garden lay. "Zhou Ming the ball is also great calligrapher, good writing bluegrass, You Shan Xing Kai Tai Xiaozhuan ancient scribe, sometimes large monument all out in their hands. This one you brush in a back board and poetry, showing how he loves this chair, but also we can see the value of this chair has long been not just a Zagu of.

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