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Furniture and Li
Published:2009-08-05 Visitors:6003
     Ceremony, is slave society's political and regulations, superstructure; ceremony is a slave society's ethics and code of conduct.

     Ceremony, from today, we are indeed very far away, in our search for traces of ancient furniture, the luck ran discovered that the furniture and ceremony have a close and direct relationship, and thus know that the ancient slave society, the furniture has a special value and status of .

Slavery in ancient China, in the Xia Dynasty has laid the foundation, through the development of the Shang Dynasty to the 11th century BC, King Wu of Zhou established the Zhou dynasty eliminate business, so that reaching a peak period of slave society.

Zhou Dynasty social and political system is a case of rule of law, is to Zhou Wang for the emperor, the following are princes, Qingtai Fu, disability and other clan kinship constitutes a strict patriarchal clan system, the core is a hierarchy. The specific laws and regulations reflect the patriarchal clan system is the ceremony. According to legend, created by by the Duke of Chou, "ritual system" is implemented, the measures reflect the patriarchal clan system and guarantee that a magic weapon to maintain social stability of slavery. "The Book of Rites Duke Ai asked," reads: Duke Ai asked Confucius, "how about gift," Confucius said: "The China Cloud run by health, courtesy of large, indecent assault without the god of heaven and earth to festivals also, indecent assault is nothing to distinguish monarch and officials, from top to bottom, seniority of the position also, indecent assaults and no to other men and women, fathers and sons, brothers of the pro-marriage at the turn of sparse number of people. "This shows that the ceremony is the slave of man and the spirits, the relationship between human beings and all other laws and regulations. Of course, people here refers to the slave society of the nobility, because "ceremony no less than common people."

     "Zhou" The main records of the Bureaucracy and Chou Chou's Jianbang, sealing the country, based officer, the Division into other systems. In these systems, for furniture use is very strict, such as:

"Zhou Tian Guan Kashihade": "King Day at one stroke, Ding Shiyou Er, physical Jieyou Zu."

"Zhou Chun Officer Munetaka Division few feast": "5 a few palm, five seats in the name of objects, Bianqi with its bit. Where the big pilgrimage, Daikyo radio, where a sealed States, life princes, the throne set up in accordance with embroidery (Screen ), according to the former, Nango, located Wan Feast Fun Pure, Canada Reeling I painted pure, plus a few second-placed embroidery pure about jade. ... ... I worship princes feast multicolour Po plain, plus seats Fun Wan Chun, right a few birds. ... ... banquet at the Ambassador The same applies Yong ago, left-tung, a few. Austin service (Wang Shooters) are located bears seats, the right paint a few. Where the funeral, let reed mat, a few right-prime. "... ...

      "Dr. Li Yi Li Kung Food": "on the Doctor: 8 beans, eight Gui, six São, 9 Zu, the fish are two ZU December."

  "Yi Li Jin Li": "Son of Heaven is located in accordance with Ax (screen) in between the households Yong, left a few."

  "Yee David Y Marash funerals": "infix make full Yan few."

   ... ...

Therefore, the ancients that "Zhou" is Chou's "legislative rule of this" and "unification of the heart of the body", and "Yili" yes "tread the line of the Lu."

"The Book of Rites" is the "rites" for the additional information, interpretation and theoretical description. Not only: "to seek in the elderly, will speak from a few stick to the", "Wei Ren child who is not the main Austrian home, sit in the seats," "men and women different (hanger) ... ... pillow trunk Dian-fu is not grabbing seats, device and possession of "and so living standards, more in the" Book of Rites Tangong to "chapter of the Tzu-recorded replaced before his death is not in line with his status of the mat's vivid stories.

In short, the three recorded in Chou li hierarchy, through the lives of heterogeneous specifications, codes of conduct, including the use of furniture, embodied. These norms and guidelines are by no means have the slightest overstepping of authority and violations.

Ancient Chinese culture, one with Tao and the characteristics of etiquette among Chou used in ritual - furniture, such as Zu, a few, XI, ban, ax according to (screen), etc., has not only for people to use utensils, while the on behalf of the slave society of the class, dubbing, status and power.

Of course, the ancient culture of the ritual has not been the demise of the demise of slave society, it is deeply rooted in the Chinese nation, especially among the traditional concept of Han nationality. Kim Luang later imperial throne is the symbol of the altar represents the divine right of customs, etc., are also the ancient ceremony of heredity and variation.

As we explore the culture of furniture, the first ancestor who come into contact with furniture, in the pecking order, hierarchy of slavery times, ritual completely integrated with the patriarchal clan system, and a rating, status, and rights of particular sub - sign. It can be said that these ritual - the use of furniture, has risen for the slave society of the superstructure of the.

The ancients, "something the deceased, such as for trouble" concept, and gave left us with a wealth of underground treasure trove, we have seen from the literature and burial of the slave society of furniture image, savor the culture of the slave society of political furniture.

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