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Furniture and Folk
Published:2009-08-05 Visitors:5424
     Folk, in a nutshell is the folk customs. The formation of folk culture, first of all being affected by a certain historical period of political, economic type, and religious and other aspects, gradually formed by the last of the wind, under the learning by the secular - national folk customs.

     In the folk thing, as in the participation of furniture can be seen everywhere, things like the furniture in the folk to play a very important tool, the means - the role of carrier. It is engaged in folk activities, and integration of folk activities. In the Tao traditional concept of a unified China, the its value far beyond its own instincts, dipping his mouth, national feelings, the characteristics of the national psychology - folk culture. Furniture in the completion of folk activities, the natural form of a clock factory furniture, folk tributaries, in the national culture, family, win a place for themselves.

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