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Furniture and literati
Published:2009-08-05 Visitors:6734
     Furniture and writers, talking about the relationship between furniture and literati, literati for the furniture, the impact of the development, scholars in the history of furniture, the role and status.
     At first glance, the furniture seems to be incompatible with the literati and the. In China, for thousands of years are based on Confucianism as a guide, the text has always been re-light technology, particularly in carpentry, furniture of art, are considered "persons''Azusa," craftsman "rather difficult to convince of something presentable and acceptable cultural history. about carpentry, furniture and records of monographs, is even more rare.

     We have seen the Han historical woodworking artisans, Hu W, D slow, Li Ju, the Mao Shun Tang, Ming-zhi XU Gao, Kuai Yi, Kuai-Gang, Cai Xin, etc., but can only be reflected in its name, not see being to. Although Liu Xi Han Dynasty wrote a "Release name", of which there are indeed "interpretation bed net," records, but by only a few words. Sung Yu Hao, who are expected to Carpenter's post Gongqiao K-Swiss, with a "wood by the" three volumes, is the world called a "Song Three Hundred Years of a human ear," but "wood by the" Early destroyed, it is no chance be able to see. Xue Jing Yuan Dynasty stone as "relics of Azusa people", I repeatedly find without. Now only see "Yan few plans," "Butterfly a few plans," "Lu Ban Jing", "Sansai Zue", "Xian Qing Ou Ji" and several very small. Of course, it may still survive in the world of make, as the author of the study sparse, and only came to deeply regret the.

In China, "Shi-learning talents were" thousands of years, the wood can be said that very little monograph, deals with the relationship between furniture and the literati, it seems even more amazing. However, the historical facts not the case. Today, as we went deeper into the treasure house of Chinese culture and history of art into; when we wear decorated historical information scattered up and devote themselves to explore the history of the development of Chinese furniture and its culture within the
Han time, you will find: China's ancient literati, for wood furniture is a unique feel. China's ancient literati, for the development of furniture had been paid a wisdom and ability, have made extraordinary contributions and creativity played an important role can not be ignored. It can be said, in the history of the development of Chinese furniture, the literati of the achievements is indelible.
     Now we are from the author's furniture design, furniture literati theory, scholars on the impact of three aspects of furniture, to describe the relationship between the author and furniture.

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