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Eighth-Ming, and Qing dynasty furniture, wood auction auction announcement
Published:2009-08-05 Visitors:12629
     The main auction: pear Jiuzhuo Ming and Qing of the early sandalwood tables, clear mahogany long table books, the Republic of single-format Western-style mahogany dining table, Republic of China
The beginning of the French lion foot mahogany armchair, the Republic of rosewood inlaid with mother-3 embedded gall wood surface Alice first few, the Republic of wood twisted vine Braun Taiwan, Republic of mahogany piano lotus table, the Republic of wood bats piano tables, the Republic of rosewood back to piano pattern tables In a small mahogany tea Taiwan, Republic of mahogany accounts Taiwan, the Qing Late mahogany basin stand, inlaid pear pen early Qing Qing early sandalwood more than 180 pieces of jewelry boxes.

Auction Time: at 13:30 on January 28, 2007

Pre-Show Date: January 2007 25 ~ 27, 9:00-17:00

Tel :021-63077777 turn 202 or 252

The auction, pre-show venue: Shanghai Auction Co., Ltd. (Sichuan North Road, No. 73)

Note: Bidders with a valid ID card and pay a deposit of 2,000 yuan for registration to participate in bidding only after receiving plate.

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