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2009 Chinese collection hot
Published:2009-07-30 Visitors:6857
Collection markets to the global financial crisis has brought tremendous impact. Last year, the Center for the turmoil that Sotheby's spring auctions in New York income of 6% over the previous two quarters of decline, also many auction range or slightly higher prices in the valuation of transactions. Chinese market is not immune. According to Chang Ya-art network statistics, in 2008 Hong Kong and the Mainland China, the auction house a total turnover of 20.147 billion yuan over the previous year decreased by 13%.

Quotes in the Olympic effect and the support of inertia, the spring auctions last year, the scenery continued for several years, with a total turnover of 12.5 billion a breakthrough, an increase of 46.7%. But the rapid deterioration of the situation in the second half, collecting 50% of the market has shrunk almost become a synonym for China's 2008 autumn auction. In the global context of economic recession, investors put money on the collection and enthusiasm as before. However, as the speculative bubble burst, the Chinese market will gradually return to rational collection, fine collections and interested in collecting or become the mainstream.

Rapid cooling of Contemporary Art

The past five years, the Chinese contemporary art has entered a phase of unprecedented prosperity at home and abroad market auction prices reached record highs. Many artists price growth of over 200%. According to international practice, a painter's works price of the usual annual rate of about 20%. And Zhang Xiaogang's "Untitled" was auctioned at a high price when nearly 3,800 million, while the painting when he was sold only in 30 thousand yuan.

Today, the way the boom, the contemporary art of the first to feel the winter chill. Ya Chang statistics show that last year's spring auction of contemporary paintings on the turnover of the index over the previous quarter, an auction has decreased by about 18%, even more bleak autumn auction, down 96%. In the last 70 games of contemporary art auction Session, the turnover of 1 billion yuan and only four games. Among them, Hong Kong, Sotheby's spring auction at Sotheby's when you hit the world's "Contemporary Chinese Art" of the calendar year, the highest transaction records, the total volume reached 320 million yuan. But its autumn auction has barely survived a 1 billion transactions bottom line, turnover rate was only 59.6%.

In Hong Kong, Christie's in May organized by the "Asian Contemporary Art" auction, Zeng Fanzhi's "Mask Series" sold 6,700 million board the annual Champion. However, most first-line price of contemporary artists showed significant "seasonal." Created by Zhang Xiaogang, "Bloodline: Big Family No. 3" in April of the transaction price of up to 4,736 million Hong Kong dollars, but the same series of "Bloodline: Big Family 1" in the fall only photographed 2,029 million, nearly one-fold difference float.

At the same time, contemporary art in another category - "cultural porcelain" has won the collectors of all ages. Last year, China Guardian Autumn Session on the beat of contemporary ceramics from the famous painter, calligrapher produced porcelain painting works were sought after, all higher than the valuation of transactions. Beijing Rong Bao autumn auction has played the same signs, "Chinese calligraphy and painting art porcelain" Session turnover amounted to more than 350 million turnover rate of nearly 94%. One well-known painter Fan Zeng's "I painted blue and white jar Kingdoms" to the high turnover of 1.344 million yuan, to the cold of winter to bring touch of warmth to the contemporary art.

Crazy Olympic Collection

From the commemorative coins, stamps to the torch, the Olympic service vehicle, or even use the coffee pot BOCOG, the Olympic Games last year's auction, the collection became the most unique category. Session 192 auctions throughout the year the total volume reached 4,200 million on turnover rate of 63%. Although far from these collections and antiques at every turn million-dollar price as dramatic, but the species is also rated as one of the numerous landscape.

Beijing Olympics-related collection is undoubtedly the darling of the market. In 18 games over the years the torch auction Session on the torch of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games attracted the attention of investors, which will eventually hit 291,000 yuan in the same auction the highest transaction records. In the December auction of Changfeng, literati paintings "(2008 Beijing) Olympic Games Light" depicts 1.258 million yuan to create a single product all the Session of the highest turnover of the auction.

Medals, mascots, Olympic Games and other assets, the auction items are also in full swing. First auction of assets of Beijing Olympic Games 1,800 pieces of material in just 13 minutes by抢拍complete. "Inlaid Jade", "Blue and White Porcelain" effect has also brought along jade objects and porcelain products for auction. Last year in August, painting, calligraphy art film on the "Chinese Seal Emblem Collection possession of the Beijing Olympics edition of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Hetian India NO.053 (limited edition 2008)" eventually 250,000 transaction. However, the real value of the Olympic collection and appreciation potential of the market and time have yet to be further tested.

Different kind of classical mahogany red

Despite the global scope are subject to the impact of economic crisis, the market price of precious wood has dropped slightly, but the Chinese classical furniture in the auction market, the price is still stubbornly high. Last year, in April, China Guardian's "Golden Age Elegant Gathering - Qing Dynasty imperial red sandalwood furniture" Session, the "Qing Emperor Qianlong carved sandalwood passion Ohira first case of" first to price of 3,136 million transactions, followed by "Qing Emperor Qianlong sandalwood Waist Passion bogou Figure Lohan bed "has gained a lot of 3,248 million yuan, Chinese classical furniture, once again setting a world record for the auction.

In fact, the mahogany furniture market is not without affected by the crisis, 30% of the value added each year there have been shrinking. However, on the one hand because of the Ming and Qing furniture, mahogany genuine survive in the world a total volume of less than 10000, "something rare for your" to promote peace on a relatively stable market price system. On the other hand, many wood-producing countries introduced legislation to ban the export of the relevant provisions of mahogany, the mahogany furniture, raw material supply difficulties. So in the long run, these well-preserved treasures of furniture still has great appreciation potential.

To explore modern and contemporary painting fine

In 2008 bleak art market, Chinese modern painting with a strong figure once again proved the value of the fine. Session auction more than 50 of the total turnover exceeded 1 billion. Among them, China Guardian modern and contemporary painting in two auctions will be 10,819 million results, as peers in their field.

Single-turnover goods auction winner was "prehistoric snow" won. Session in Beijing Poly Auction, the painting was created by the Huangzhou paintings in 1964, looks a 9.184 million yuan. In addition, Chi Pai-shih, Li Keran, Xu Beihong, Chang, Wu Guanzhong's famous for is not so because of the harsh environment of the lower social status, have higher value transactions. Wu Guanzhong's "Ancient Wall" to 7.06 million yuan turnover in excess of 3 million by experts -400 million valuation. Qi Baishi "Great sound silent" also four times higher than the valuation of the transaction price fall of the hammer.

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