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Finished furniture, mahogany furniture, the most expensive prices rose up to 30%
Published:2009-07-30 Visitors:5593
According to the China Timber Circulation Association news, by the impact of timber prices rise, finished furniture, prices may rise, while the mahogany furniture, the price is likely to increase by about 30%.

Recently, the reporter learned that some merchants has already begun on the store price adjustment, price rose from 5% to 30% range. Redwood prices frequently faced with price increases, some industry insiders believe that the market will gradually shrink mahogany furniture; and part of the business believes that the threshold of great prosperity mahogany furniture. Brand name said that as the raw materials, processing fees and other adjustments, the current store's mahogany furniture, preganglionic raised more than 10 to 15 percentage points, its mahogany furniture for sale increases by 10% to 30%.

Concerned that the recent substantial increase timber prices was mainly due to reduced imports of timber, domestic timber is driven higher. As a valuable hardwood, its raw material scarcity, so the price will be finished by 30% to 80% of the speed increase. According to the latest data show China's Wood Industry Network, is currently on the market in Guangzhou fish beads rosewood latest offer is also striking a diameter of 12 cm or more per ton of imported sandalwood red sandalwood 480000-960000 yuan in between the price per ton of imports of pear To 300000-700000 yuan, whereas import of Romer's in the 120000-140000 yuan per ton between.

Mahogany furniture collectors of Mr. Zhu Analysis: "The top of the mahogany furniture, material prices as high as hundreds of thousands, millions, is a luxury. And choose to buy also belong to the economic strength of a strong crowd. These people in addition to their love of wood, the mahogany furniture will also be purchased as an investment behavior. "

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