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Private collection of Ming and Qing furniture, Chinese furniture exhibition debut exhibition of cultural style
Published:2009-08-04 Visitors:5469
Walnut furniture, fine collection of early Qing collection exhibition debut yesterday in Tianjin. All the exhibits in this exhibition are from collectors, Coca-Cola a person possessing MA.
Collection of exhibit are mostly popular in the early Qing Shanxi walnut furniture treasures. It is for studying the Ming and Qing furniture and Shanxi culture has important reference value, like the Jin culture for people to understand the lifestyle of Shanxi is also a rare opportunity. Walnut furniture is a furniture Jin, in particular, reflects the business culture of Shanxi introverted style. Academy of Fine Arts professor at Tsinghua University, Ming-style furniture, CHEN Zeng-pil, president of Professional Committee of the National Palace Museum, Hood Fellow, Health and watched spoke highly of this exhibition.

     Coca-Cola collector Ma was born in family collections, the past 20 years, he has always been committed to collecting walnut furniture, fine. Coca-Cola collection of thousands of horses now, and into a series, it is rare at home and abroad. The exhibition will last until July 15.

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