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Knowledge of Chinese classical furniture and maintenance methods
Published:2009-08-04 Visitors:5210
Chinese classical furniture was assembled connection rather than using nails. At the same time, classical furniture, modern furniture with the material is different from the sawing of wood, so the wood will change with temperature and climate inflated contract.
Regular maintenance is essential, the following describes some common methods:

Avoid long-term exposure to the sun, so easy to make wood out of balance within the moisture, causing cracks.

Temperature difference should not be too large, to avoid the air-conditioned open-open

Guan Guan, resulting in drastic temperature changes.

To avoid overheating of the items directly on the table, would undermine the protection of the surface of paint and wax.

Use a soft cotton cloth or soft brush cleaning, avoid using metal brushes, hard brush or rough cloth.

To avoid the bump and hard objects scratching, in particular, to remind the children at home.

On the cork furniture, at least once a month with wax and walnut oil, can keep the surface smooth, moderately bright. Waxing can not be too dense, otherwise it will plug the pores of wood.

For hardwood furniture, to maintain a certain degree of humidity of the air, and transferred to the appropriate temperature, at least once a month with wax and walnut oil can make a smooth surface of furniture and has a moderate sheen.

For the outline in gold of the furniture to keep the air temperature, and transferred to the appropriate temperature on the outline in gold of the cracking and spalling is essential.

If the indoor temperature is too high, the simplest way is in the furniture top, bottom and internal put a basin of water. This can keep the air temperature.

Maintain a good moisture, the ideal humidity of about 40%, if the long-term use air conditioners, can be placed next to a basin of water. Use a humidifier, to a certain extent to control the internal temperature is the safest method.

Traditional hardwood furniture in general do not paint the surface, but hot wax. There are hardwood water, the air humidity is too low when the hardwood furniture would shrink, too high, expands. General hardwood furniture production, there l reduction layer, but using the display should be careful not to put too wet or too dry place, such as heating and other high-temperature heat near the stove, or is too wet basement and other places, in order to avoid mildew and cracked and so on.

If it is low-lying bungalow house, the ground wet shall appropriate booster furniture legs, or legs easy to wet gas corrosion.

Handling or moving of furniture should be light to move gently, not dead lift the hard pull, so as to avoid injury tenon joint structure. Tables and chairs class can not carry surface, easy to fall off the table should start with two sides and face lift chairs, cabinets best to remove the door and then lift can reduce the weight, but also to avoid the doors activities. For moving special emphasis on the furniture, soft rope can be set into the furniture and then move to bring under the chassis.

The surface to avoid the long-term placement of furniture too heavy objects, especially television, fish tank and so on, make furniture deformation. Shop on the desktop not like airtight plastic sheeting material.

The room, such as uneven floors, a long time will lead to deformation of furniture to avoid the approach is to use a small pad flat piece of wood.

Really do not have a wet rag or a rough cloth wipe hardwood furniture, particularly the old furniture. Weak with a clean cotton cloth, over a period of time plus a little furniture wax or walnut oil, gently wipe back and forth along the wood grain.

Furniture surfaces should avoid friction with hard objects to avoid damage lacquer and wood surface texture, such as the placing porcelain, bronzes and other decorative items to be especially careful when, preferably a soft cloth pad.

To avoid the furniture on the south-facing large windows of the former, long-term direct exposure to sunlight will make furniture, too dry, will fade.

Cup hot water and can not be placed directly on the surface of furniture will be left behind is not easy to remove the marks. Colored liquid, such as ink, etc. should absolutely avoid scattered on the desktop.

Source: Suzhou News Network

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