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Boxwood carvings big so popular these days
Published:2009-08-04 Visitors:5934
Boxwood Wood is a wonderful work of wood art is a famous high-end arts and crafts, collectors at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation by many collectors of all ages. With the domestic art market continues to heat up, collection of rapidly expanding, boxwood carvings prices soaring. The art market in some areas even a boxwood carvings out of supplies, famous boutique is hard to find, so Yijiachongzhen appeared on the art market with a new filling old, shoddy phenomenon, resulting in a lack of identification of some experience in collections Interests those who deceived and suffered economic losses. How taste a boxwood carvings value? Generally speaking, from the material color, process modeling two aspects.
     Delicate texture, hard and tough, the root diameter of 20 cm material, to grow 500 years

     Boxwood Boxwood carved wood materials are named after. Boxwood delicate texture, hard and tough, suitable for high-grade handicraft engraving. Boxwood is a valuable evergreen shrub, grows in the mountains and little hills and steep cliffs between the boxwood trees become useful for a long time and the increasingly scarce resources, a diameter of 20 cm of the root material, to the growth of 500 years. Boxwood carving materials due to a rare, a number of counterfeiters who use some other similar wood color, wood or tree roots pretending to boxwood. Boxwood growth cycle longer than other species, a diameter of 15 cm boxwood cross-section, you can see hundreds of ring delicate rings. While the other thick and thin rings of wood, at most a few dozen laps. The color of boxwood natural Huang gentle, and other wood (including wood stain) and floating hair color astringent. Boxwood due to slow growth, the district a rare type of wood is different from the other important characteristics of wood. Boxwood wood-grain, especially delicate, hand-to-clean lubricants, and other wood no more than like. Boxwood wood hard, and other wood wood is quite soft and with a hard object can be slightly different portrayal.

     Natural color will be stored year by year, gradually become dark

     Boxwood carvings in storage would be a natural color, color will gradually change year by year, the deep, experienced collectors and packet based pulp color shades can be roughly determine the age of work. Common boxwood carvings as old, is a kind of "Yau Ma Tei color" dyed crafted, this fake color is not natural, there is no packet pulp, cotton swab stick differential available when a little banana water cleaning, fakes will appear to fade , while the natural color of the boxwood will not fade.

     Boxwood carvings experience of a certain age, if not properly maintained, there will be varying degrees of damage, once the corrupt or incomplete work, the value will be greatly reduced, so intact, were naturally very valuable in.

     Multi-character drama, God, Buddha image for the theme

     Due to social and national history, far-reaching implications, in particular, is subject to the direct-dip smoked folk culture for centuries boxwood carvings make more use of dramatic characters, God, Buddha's image as his subject. Yuan Dynasty boxwood carvings, the characters lively and vivid style, bold, Guzhuo, vigorous, and Hunpu realism; and boxwood carvings Ming Dynasty on the basis of inheritance which also highlights the realistic nature, simplicity and non-heavy detail, styling is more rigorous, and the pursuit of fine detail; Qing Dynasty is the boxwood carvings of the boom period, when started stressed that art modeling and realistic combination. Qing Qing Zhongqi Chambers made to do at creating a group of people headed modeling realistic, comfortable charm, rich cultural atmosphere works of art. Later on, the private sector are also masterpieces one after another teacher boxwood carvings, sculpture, Wenzhou, Zhu Chang-teacher works of modeling realistic, the characters form is the performance of most vividly, revealing a great artistic appeal. Zhu often works have been widely folk collection, dissemination and imitation.

     20th century boxwood carvings are the most brilliant period of creativity, this period famous men, masterpiece scene. Boxwood carvings modeling standard has also been a fundamental change in the traditional world-wide basis to move closer to sculpture, to create a lot of modeling unique, different, from Jiang Qi large freehand masterpiece. The death of the last century great master Wang Fengzuo boxwood carvings, and Yie-week master's works the most sought after collectors. Their efforts in creating fine during his lifetime donated most of the National Museum, leaving very little transmission of civil works, most collectors only go to the museum Yibaoyanfu.

Source: Sina

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