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Why is the first choice of classical Ming style furniture
Published:2009-08-04 Visitors:5111
People's lifestyle decision style furniture. In China, the Wei, Jin era people used to sit on the floor, so the furniture, do not ask for. By the Tang Dynasty, people began to sit in a chair, feet hanging, the furniture, only began to rise. After the Song Dynasty, furniture making process gradually matured and reached a peak during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
     Ming-style furniture, the variety is rich in remains of mainly stool chair class, Jian class, class cabinet, couch class, bench type, etc. There will also be used as a barrier to Wei Ping, table plaque, floor screens and so on, multi-purpose Pear, red sandalwood, chicken wings, money and other hardwood pear, also used Phoebe, camphor wood, walnut, elm and other hardwood, of which the pear the best results.

     Because hardwood soft color, texture clear, hard but flexible, so the cross-sectional area of Ming-style furniture, small, concise style it appears linear, upright, and light and very little application of painting, just rubbed with a transparent wax that is sufficient to show texture and natural beauty of wood itself.

     Ming-style furniture, fine workmanship and reasonable, all have subtle tenon joint combination of sophisticated components, while the proportion of high and low wide or narrow application of aesthetic as a starting point, or to correct the substandard state of ritual sitting posture. Decorative surface based on prime, local decorated with small areas of lacquer carving and decoration parts quintana contour the outline of stress Fang are round, round and well-used line in a stretch run through the twists and turns and there are small changes in the overall and local, regional and are very suitable for the proportion of locally. Therefore, the Ming-style furniture of choice for collectors Naishi treasures.

     In the nearly 300-year history, the Qing Dynasty furniture from the inheritance, evolution to the development to the mature style of the "clear type", roughly experienced three stages.

     The first stage is the beginning of Qing Dynasty to the reign of Emperor Kangxi. At this point both the level of technology or Craftsmanship is a continuation of the Ming Dynasty, as red sandalwood is not yet a shortage of most of the furniture is manufactured with the red sandalwood.

     The second stage is the late Kangxi Jiaqing. Then furniture production is not only quantity, but also the characteristics of the form is different from the previous generation, namely, "Qing-style" style.

     Qing-style furniture, outstanding performance for the lavish use of materials, size increased, posture fruitful. Example, to increase straight-backed chair seat surface, back full, thick legs, the overall shape is like a majestic, like the throne, solemn.

     A variety of materials and use a variety of process integration is another prominent feature Qing Zhongqi furniture, and even furniture, also used in a variety of means and a variety of materials, carving, inlay, outline in gold and taking, Lo-tin, wood and stone and use common quintana decoration, there is no blank, to an unprecedented degree of splendid and glorious. However, this time over the pursuit of furniture decoration, and sometimes neglected use function, can not help but compete for the odd bucket too rich.

     The third stage is from the late Qing dynasty. Due to the infiltration of foreign culture, furniture styles are also affected. This is, as the economy the most prominent port in Guangdong, obviously accepted the French architecture and the French Rococo style furniture, the impact on the pursuit of curves, too much decoration or even stacking, wood not seeking elegance, craftsmanship is relatively rough.

Source: China Ganzhou Network - Ganzhou Evening News

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