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Mahogany furniture, a large collection of attractive market, how to "Amoy"
Published:2009-08-04 Visitors:5280
If there is anything more you use the more valuable furniture, I am afraid only of mahogany furniture. The past two years, an annual wood raw material prices rose 20% to 30%. Following the calligraphy and painting, jewelry, with its mahogany furniture, classical furniture, represented by collections, collectors have become the third largest investment hot spot. According to concerned parties, like the mahogany furniture, the crowd continued to increase, the purchaser's age is getting younger and younger, to Amoy mahogany furniture, not only become a hobby, but also to become an investment.

     Mahogany furniture charm can not be stopped
     , Entitled "Redwood investment houses? "The online survey from last Saturday on the web, as of this week, two night, just four days time, attracted a total of 1610 User involvement can be described as home network transfer times to the most since the number of participants. In the respondents choose among the purely brought when the collection of furniture and conduct of investment is almost evenly divided, of which only about one tenth of the people are simply collections, awareness of people with investment more than 35%, indicating that the concept of investment gradually mahogany by the public.

     On the "Select which wood as furniture," the problems, the majority of people believe that improved design of the mahogany furniture is more suited to modern life. 5 percent of people choose to do investment in antique furniture.
     Distinguish wood is the hardest part

     For the mahogany furniture, the use of material good or bad is the most critical. Transfer in this network, nearly Qicheng of people are unable to distinguish good and bad wood, the year regarded as the greatest difficulty to buy mahogany furniture. Another two are more into the left would like to know how can I get good wood on the furniture.
     Misunderstanding: The more valuable the more antique

     Many investors who believe that mahogany, antique furniture, the most appreciation potential. Transfer in this network, more than half of the people tend to invest in the Ming and Qing mahogany furniture.

     Reporter interviewed several experts who agree that we will certainly be valuable antiques are not. Collection of Professor Li Kaihuang mahogany in 2078, said, antiques can be divided into levels, depending on timber and process. Ming and Qing furniture, wood real good come from rich families working well on the market is difficult to see. People rarely use high-level wood antique, craft is also poor, do not have much value for money.

Voices of the industry

     Dr. Chan-Hui (Guangzhou East Long mahogany furniture factory director)
     Only when the entire investment value have mahogany furniture,

     Would like to invest in mahogany furniture, mahogany furniture, we must first distinguish between the types. Currently on the market divided into two main parts of mahogany furniture, rosewood furniture, rosewood furniture and the whole. Main parts of furniture, mahogany furniture is made with visible parts of the use of mahogany, while the hidden or internal parts of the production of the use of other high-quality wood furniture. All mahogany furniture refers to all components of wood products must be produced mahogany, mirrors lining of the pallets may be the exception. The only all-wood furniture that has the investment and collection value. Thus, in the time of purchase, be sure to ask clear that "major components mahogany furniture" or "all-wood furniture" by the manufacturers to provide material test report. In the invoice, you must specify the specific types of wood, such as "Rosewood," "Rosewood," and so on, not just generally write "Redwood."
     Redwood relatively long period of return on investment

     Rosewood trees must be at least several hundred years in order to become useful, such as lobular red sandalwood as the top of the timber, at least the growth of thousands of years. Scarcity of resources due to slow growth cycle, wood prices will rise not fall, but the return on investment cycle longer payback time in 3 to 5 years or even longer. If the investments by 10 million, and in 3 to 5 years later, a conservative estimated annual profit margin of about 30%. Therefore, the investment to take into account the investment cycle, what one can. In addition, the more scarce the more expensive wood up so badly, if the rare red sandalwood wood, such as lobular, Hainan pear like return on investment is even more impressive.

Source: Xinhua

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