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Mahogany furniture into the collector market darling
Published:2009-08-04 Visitors:6840
May 29 at an auction held in Hong Kong, Macau casino tycoon Ho courtesy of Hong Rong to 13.76 million Hong Kong dollars of astronomical photograph in an emperor's throne, refresh the imperial throne of the world auction record. For a time, astronomical throne and its new owner brings together the world's attention, becoming the envy of the number of objects.

      Kangxi emperor's throne be able to shoot such a high price, not just because it is used by the emperor's chair, but also reflects the potential of Chinese classical furniture, great value in itself. In fact, the recent years, mainly mahogany furniture, Chinese classical furniture, often create sky-high price. Far did not say that in May this year, at Shenzhen cultural industries, exhibited a late Ming and early Qing pear shelf bed, its valuation to reach 18 million, people marveled at. If we say that these two pieces of furniture because of the heritage value of the shoot with a high price, then in 2005, Top Marques Shanghai International Exhibition, a set of Hainan Huang Ming and Qing imperial imitation rosewood furniture, have sold 12 million of the astronomical, its the price even more than the world's top Bentley sports car.

      It can be said that with the gradual return of traditional Chinese culture in recent years, the boom in classical furniture, swing, and captured more and more fans. Ethnic groups in classical furniture, mahogany furniture, with its stately beauty of nature occupy an important place. They use natural precious mahogany, hand-made by the traditional process in line with modern pursuit of natural, healthy living ideas, traditional-style brought about by historical imagination of space and deep cultural heritage, but also highlight the human qualities and personality owner tastes.

      Moreover, given the material more and more scarce, high-grade mahogany furniture collection value and hedge against inflation, appreciation of space is increasing every year. As mentioned earlier, the late Ming and early Qing pear shelf bed, its collections in the eighties of last century the price of 2,000 yuan to buy from the community come in 20 years time, the appreciation of nearly ten thousand times! Redwood is extremely rare precious materials Shanghai International Top Marques Shanghai 12 million on the sale of antique mahogany furniture, its raw materials Hainan Pineapple flowers as early as the Ming dynasty had been virtually eliminated, this furniture is its raw material to local producers from the Hainan household door frames, beams come in a little bit of Amoy, so precious raw materials produced furniture, also sold a rare astronomical.
Source: Xiamen Evening News

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