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Now they're there to buy mahogany furniture, family heirloom
Published:2009-08-04 Visitors:7325
Although people are aware mahogany furniture is high-brow types of special privileges over the last few items, too many people aware of the earlier Quemo its "appropriation." It is said that during SARS, and now most prosperous of Hainan pear rally, the price fell to 9,000 / ton, however, if it still wishes to use this price advantage is definitely a "nonsense" the. With the manufacturer's words, "is now a seller's market, good price of mahogany furniture, as long as some people buy it."
Is the buyer and the price of wood, as are "crazy" it? Industry analysts say prices mahogany furniture, the most basic reason is that wood of severe resource constraints, and some kinds of wood have been no new material, to reproduce the market, at least the size of a finger is now eagerly waiting for the timber and then a long one Sanwubainian .

So we can only admit that we, even our son, grandson, I am afraid that no chance to use the new material is being planted in. Therefore, the mahogany furniture, like a living fossil, was the same as a doubling of prices for antique rose, people envious heart of posture, and even beyond that knows how to invest a lot of self-Road Laojiang Hu had expected.

Such a view, mahogany furniture collection is not surprising that hot all of a sudden wind and water. Because, rather than go out and buy a pile of "tangible and intangible" roller coaster ride the stock to the heart, it is better to spend some money buy some wood furniture as "heirloom" my heart is more at ease.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

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