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Classical furniture layout skills to master a new life in modern lit
Published:2009-08-04 Visitors:7465
have such experience? In the flea market to see a red paint parquet large wardrobe, hard bargain to buy only to find inside the cut off is not practical, there is no place to hang clothes; beautiful southern official hat chairs to get on to the feet out of reach; Jian seems too long ... ... buy a home to buy is full of unique charm of Chinese furniture, but it seems not very easy to use. So, Chinese furniture for the modern man to use, how to design not only to retain the traditional shape and style of the production without losing the essence of the Ming and Qing furniture, but also make it easier to use and comfortable?

Antique furniture and a new life with the thrust of the

to Chinese antique furniture moved into the modern home, and make it the perfect blend of modern living together, need to know three essentials.

1. The proportion of properly: Chinese antique furniture of the style and color are very eye-catching, so do not want to change the original for the modern families, the Western-style furniture and Chinese furniture can follow the the ratio of 7:3 to match.

2. Antiquities new use: In the past used as a till and the medicine cabinet can be as large cupboard shelves, CD racks and TV cabinet to use, classical furniture and modern home appliances combine , exhibition emerged in a different type of beauty.

3. Environment contrast: If you want to show lines of Chinese antique furniture in wood, carving patterns and colors in a unique charm, then we should pay attention to lighting, floors and walls of the contrast the role of ancient furniture. The soft lighting to highlight the wood’s natural texture, light-colored walls, antique furniture can be physical surroundings to create the elegant charm.

chair: to get rid of foot to lower the height of

traditional furniture in the chair, is a necessity of people’s lives. Since the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty people’s minds are also rituals, religious and other concepts tied the, feudal ideas pay attention to differentiated, seniority, also reflected in the furniture design, those who are deemed insufficiently correct triangle, trapezoidal and other shapes are completely negative. Unlike the West, strange design, Chinese style chairs little change.

Chinese over the last sitting chair, feet not directly step on the ground, but on one foot on a 10 cm high, the general chair height is 54 centimeters. Since ancient times people are mostly brick on the ground, in order to prevent the north and south in winter when the rainy season, the body will feel cold touch the ground, the ancients used the pedal, so that foot moved some distance from the ground. Now people live in the concrete floor or floor, carpet, no longer need to repeat it across the wet cold feet. Loss of foot too high in a Chinese-style chair, and therefore, the new Chinese furniture should be the height of chairs to 44 centimeters.

Bookshelf: size need to improve

ancients used for shelves, shape naturally Needless to say, but the feature has been difficult to meet modern requirements. Ancient books are mostly made of rice paper with bamboo nails into a book with the line, usually are a pile with a local release. Therefore, a larger compartment, the thickness of thin partition. Today’s book are mostly wood pulp paper, especially coated paper made from books such as heavy, people accustomed to the book vertical display. Size of a traditional bookcase is no longer appropriate, whether it is the spacing between the partitions, partition of the load-bearing needs to be recalculated in order to meet the needs of modern storage books.

shelf beds: stay in place to give bedside cabinet

ancient shelf beds are generally enclosed, with only one side can go to bed, no place to put bedside cabinet, which is obviously not suitable for modern needs. The new Chinese-style furniture appeared in a fully able to meet the modern needs of the bed. Bed can be up and down both sides of the shelf has been converted into the form, the bed size measurements made by today’s standards, you can easily buy a spring mattress, bedside cabinets can also be embedded in a way where placed in the bed-side shelf. Of course, carved on a bed frame, pattern and overall shape still maintains the beauty of classical furniture.

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